Luminart Machine FOR SALE

What is it you ask? A Luminart machine is a type of sign making machine, it was big in the 90’s and was known as poor mans neon. As you can see by the photos it is like a flat bed printer. It has a nozzle that dispenses a coloured gel that is then cured in the uv oven in the bottom of the machine, this gel is claimed to be weather resistant. It comes with some brochures and I have some sample signs that have been made on this luminart machine. (signs not part of this lot) It also functions as a flat bed cutter, although you need to source a are blade for that purpose.

When this gel is applied to acrylic it can be backlit, this is how lot of the breweries used to make those little signs that sat illuminated behind the bar. There are a couple of photos of some i have, but also look at the brochures have photographed for other examples

I have heaps of gel see the photo with the tubes, I tested one and it seems to work OK.

I had ideas of grandeur and thought this luminart machine could be used for a variety of things. I researched the company luminart, it appears they are no longer in existance so i dont really know if you can get more gel or there is another product that would  work. So I was going to rip the dispenser off and put on a router to make a computer controlled cutting bench but never got around to it. Basically I have the thing for years and it time to move it on. 

The unit has a control box that you can toggle the gantry and head, the table itself is a vacuum bench, this all worked when  i put it in storage, i have fired it up for this advert, but I have noticed it is sticking in place perhaps could do with a run or some lube. It controls x and y with stepping motors and the up and down is screw type action, I think it uses postscript language to drive the  control box. The control box connects to the computer through a coms port plug.

It comes with an old computer that i have had powering this luminart machine, i just fluked a driver that must have been compatible, as I  powered it up now I can't remember which driver, so it will print a circle or an “e”, but won’t put the middle in the right place.

I also have a second smaller work bench with a handheld dispenser,m I never used it.

Possibly an artist would have some fun with this, or you may just want the computer controlled motors and running gear. If you were a handy person with this type of thing you could turn it into all sort of uses

The table itself measures 1.7 x 1.6 x 1.0m, add the gantry to the height. There are a few photos and I have put a short clip up on you tube

So this lot is for

1 computer controlled Luminart MAchine with control box and power supply

1 hand bench with handheld applicator

60 approx tubes of gel in various quantities including some new unopened


1 separate smaller uv curing chamber

It does NOT come with the 2 signs in photo

I’ll help anyone who is interested to arrange shipping, but please don't ask me to price shipping, if you are interested please look into that yourself. the main machine is 1.7x 1.6 x 1.2 so 3.264m2 and its is heavy, it needs a tail lifter, pallet truck or forklift to move it. The smaller bench is about 1m3 it is very light and the second curing unit is about .3m3. to get a quote for shipping total is about 4.6 cubes on 2 pallets. If you are local (wellington) I could deliver for a reasonable price.

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