If you are suppliying a file to us

Design & Print Specifications


We accept files on the following media

  • CD's Dvd's
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Firewire Drive
  • FTP - using supplied links and passwords
  • Blue Tooth
  • Email
  • Contact us and we can supplly a drop box address by email

Compressed files should be saved as either ZIP, SIT or RAR


We accept files made in the following Software

  • Photoshop (PSD)
  • Illustrator (AI)
  • Indesign (INDD)
  • Acrobat (PDF)
  • Free Hand (FHMX)

All files should be saved in their native format or as an uncompressed TIFF, EPS or PDF.
Supplied photos and graphics should be 300dpi CMYK and at 100%.
TIFF files should not contain Alpha channels or Layers.
EPS files should not include a Halftone screen or Transfer Functions.

Problem File Types

Due to certain incompatabilies we can experience problems with the following file types.
Often we can work around the problem but sometimes we will need to reproduce the document in another programme.

  • Publisher (PUB)
  • Word (DOC)
  • Powerpoint (PPT)
  • Excel (XLS)
  • Corel Draw (CDR)
  • Open Office (ODT)
  • GIMP


Files should be supplied 1up with a i) Digital 2mm bleed or ii) Offset 3mm bleed.
All images should be linked and not embedded in the file.
Images should not be scaled within the document more than 10%.
Fonts should be converted to paths or shapes before exporting to PDF.
Embedding fonts can lead to problems with text formatting changing but if necessary fonts should be supplied with the file.
Do not force bolds or italics, only true font styles should be used.
Colour Proofs should be supplied with the document to ensure closest possible colour matching. Spot colours and screens should be labelled with the PMS number and density.

If a bitmap type images is supplied, we may not be able to make adjustments to the file

NOTE: Spot colours can lead to colour shift. Please ensure that all colour is converted to process.

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