Web Developer Wanted - preferably alive

If you like to eat a combo of mysql and php for breakfast, HTML for lunch and play with a bit of CSS for afternoon tea, understand business (not just your own but someone else's too), can spell linux and know your abc's of dns and https, if you know a bit about how the great Google God dictates a web developers life, a bit about hosting, email, the list keeps going and you won't get bored...well this role could be right up your alley!

Ever worked for an entrepreneur that loves to look after his customers and that runs many brands on and offline and may have a new idea to implement each week? Most importantly if you like having happy customers and understanding the process of keeping them happy using your unique set of skills we are looking for you to join our IT team of one! Don't worry you won't be alone, you'll just be the only one on the team that can spell linux. Sound like you or anyone you know? Do some research and contact me by email [email protected].  Please include your links to previous work and most importantly your joke of the day.  

PS: Linux is not actually that important in this role, I was just checking, it would help though.

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